Underground Storage Tank Removal in Georgia: Mill Creek Environmental’s Expertise

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental conservation and regulation, Georgia stands as a focal point for responsible Underground Storage Tank (UST) management and removal. Mill Creek Environmental, with our main office just north of Atlanta, is uniquely positioned to address the diverse environmental needs of the state of Georgia – whether you’re in Dahlonega or Valdosta. In this article, we will explore the significance of Underground Storage Tank removal and closure, delve into the specific regulations in Georgia, and highlight how Mill Creek Environmental’s expertise extends across the state.

The Importance of Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure:

Underground Storage Tanks are ubiquitous in the storage of petroleum and hazardous substances. Over time, these tanks can deteriorate, leading to potential leaks that threaten the environment and public health. Removing USTs is not only a preventative measure but also a regulatory requirement, especially when properties are being transferred or redeveloped. Mill Creek Environmental recognizes the importance of responsible UST removal and closure and is equipped to navigate the many complexities involved.

Regulations Governing UST Removal and Closure in Georgia:

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) oversees the regulations pertaining to Underground Storage Tank removal and closure in the state. Compliance with these regulations is essential to prevent environmental hazards and unwanted legal complications. The Mill Creek Environmental team of seasoned environmental consultants is well-versed in these regulatory nuances, ensuring that every UST removal and closure aligns with Georgia EPD guidelines.

Our Approach to Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Across Georgia:

At Mill Creek Environmental, our commitment to environmental stewardship extends across the state of Georgia. We offer a comprehensive and systematic approach to Underground Storage Tank removal and closure, while addressing the specific needs of each site and understanding that the cost is significant regardless of the client size. 

Site Assessment Across Regions:

Our experts conduct thorough pre-site assessments, taking into account the diverse soil, groundwater conditions and UST locations at each site. This tailored approach allows us to develop site-specific UST removal and closure plans and maintain reasonable cost for our clients.

Multistate Regulatory Compliance:

Navigating any state’s regulatory regulations requires a nuanced understanding of each state’s requirements. Mill Creek Environmental ensures compliance with Georgia EPD guidelines and any other state we remove and close UST’s in.

Regional Expertise for Safe and Efficient Removal:

Leveraging our expertise, we employ industry best practices to safely and efficiently remove or close USTs across various terrains and sites. Our approach prioritizes minimizing the likelihood of any environmental impact while adhering to our stringent safety protocols.

Documentation Tailored to Regional Standards:

Regulatory compliance involves meticulous documentation that may vary across states. Mill Creek Environmental ensures that all reports and documentation meet the specific standards of each state.

Long-Term Monitoring Across Regions:

Post tank removal, we conduct soil sampling to ensure environmental integrity. Our commitment to our clients and the long-term protection of our environment extends across the diverse regions we serve.

In navigating Underground Storage Tank removals and closures in Georgia, Mill Creek Environmental stands as a strong regional leader with expertise that spans the state of Georgia and beyond. Contact us at 706.579.1607 to discover how our comprehensive and regionally tailored approach can assist you in safeguarding the environment, meeting regulatory standards, and providing responsible and practical solutions for each client we engage.

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