Thank you for all the effort put into this soil survey! You and your staff have been awesome throughout this process! Please forward our gratitude to all your personnel that your company’s professionalism has exceeded our expectations! Great job!

Thank you again!


Ron R.,

Thank you for the report and it was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your hard work, you are a real asset to Mill Creek Environmental.


Chad E.,

Thank you.

This is the best Phase 1 report I have ever read for conciseness (I like the summary in the email), ease of reading, presentation and not to mention our property is spit shine clean.

Typically a reader needs to glean through a lot of BS to get to the facts and relevant info.

This was very well done.


Adam M. - with a Residential Funding Company,

Thank you for sharing the report for this site.  From what I read, you and your colleagues did a very good job with the planning, field investigation, results, evaluation, and recommendations.  Given all that, I concur with your evaluation and recommendations.



Environmental Compliance Director, Major Metropolitan City Housing Authority,