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Amy K. - Environmental Risk Manager

Very good report (practical wording and BMPs) delivered early!  Thank you!

Stephanie L. - COO


Peter K.

Thank you so much for the excellent report and for the prompt turnaround. We really appreciate it, and hope to work with you again.

Jill W.

Thank you all so much!! Proving once again that you are THE BEST!!!

Carl J.

Thank you so much! Great work once again! I will review now.

Megan H.

Wonderful, thanks so much! He was very nice and this process has been so smooth all the way through. We would happily recommend y'all to anyone we know who needs your services.

Tom W.

Thank you for getting the report to me this morning. I appreciate your efforts and hard work on this report.

The field work, report, and concise and timely correspondence show me an example of what a smoothly operating company looks like.

My lifetime spent in the Army Rangers causes me to have a critical eye for detail and dedication. I am pleased to see that these core competencies do exist in the civilian world and more specifically at Mill Creek Environmental. Thank you for all you do!

Paul D.

Thank you for your follow thru and absolute professionalism. Erin has been extremely helpful and responsive to my calls, even when she was not feeling well, always represented your firm with the utmost respect and in the best possible way.

I write this because perhaps you think this is common, it should be, but it is not. Your professionalism and attention to detail is to be commended. Thank you for your help on this project.

Brendan S.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your team’s quick work on this. Thank you very, very much. Have a great weekend.

Lauren L.

Mill Creek Environmental has been amazing to work with. Connor Fanning has been awesome and has been there to help us since day 1. We highly recommend them and will 100% use them again for all our future project.

Tom C. - Investment Specialist

This is perfect! You guys are super. Thank you very much, and I will be sure to recommend your company to others.

Have a great day!

Ashley L.

You all are fantastic! I will be sure to send anyone I know your way. I process mortgages for a living so it would be my pleasure to send you business should I come across someone needing your services.

Melissa T.

Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Mill Creek!  We really appreciate how efficient and dependable you guys are.  We couldn't do this without you.

Amanda W. - Plumbing & Septic

You guys rock, thank you so very much.

Tony K. - Brokerage Firm

Thank you for this report. It really is always such a pleasure working with you guys.

Darrell S. - Landscape Architect Project Manager

Thank you for your professionalism and your willingness to get this project done so we can close on the property. This should satisfy the closing requirements. Thanks all!

Lay T.

Excellent and thank you very much for all of your help. There is no doubt that you moved this along and we are very appreciative. If you guys ever need a referral, please let me know.

John S.

I want to express my sincere thanks for the work that your staff geologists performed on the soil survey test which I received today from Mill Creek Environmental. Their report contained all the data and interpretations that I need to move forward with the closing on the Chestatee property and ultimately constructing my new home there.

Michelle B. in Virginia - County Economic Development Authority

That’s great, thank you! You all have been really amazing to work with.

Gary Z.

The thoroughness impressed me... I want to thank you and the team for their great work.

Ron R.

Thank you for all the effort put into this soil survey! You and your staff have been awesome throughout this process! Please forward our gratitude to all your personnel that your company’s professionalism has exceeded our expectations! Great job!

Thank you again!

Chad E.

Thank you for the report and it was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your hard work, you are a real asset to Mill Creek Environmental.

Adam M. - A Residential Funding Company

Thank you!

This is the best Phase 1 report I have ever read for conciseness (I like the summary in the email), ease of reading, presentation and not to mention our property is spit shine clean.

Typically a reader needs to glean through a lot of BS to get to the facts and relevant info.

This was very well done!

Environmental Compliance Director - Major Metropolitan City Housing Authority

Thank you for sharing the report for this site.  From what I read, you and your colleagues did a very good job with the planning, field investigation, results, evaluation, and recommendations.  Given all that, I concur with your evaluation and recommendations.

Jim C.

The Probing Company has worked under subcontract for Mill Creek for several years. The people they employ, and their office managers are well versed and experienced in the different phases of environmental sampling (soil, groundwater and soil gas) and consulting. It's a pleasure to work with and for them!

Gerard R.

I used Mill Creek Environmental for the first time for a level 3 septic survey and they were great from the first phone call to the actual site work, and to the final reporting. They scheduled my testing quickly and provided very professional site work and report at a good price. Thank you.

Buddy D.

All of the soil testers in Cumming didn't even return my calls! I called Mill Creek and they answered my call and even got the soil test done in a tight window before closing. Awesome! I would highly recommend them.

Christian P.

Thank you, sir.  We are all very pleased to see the results come out favorably.  You and your team did an excellent job, and we will definitely contact you again if we have the need for any further environmental work in the future.


This (erosion control plan) is great to have. You guys are always on the ball.
I plan to need another lot done in a few months so I will be contacting you for that.

Thanks Again

Jimmy M.

I contacted several soil survey companies over a few month period. No one called me back. What a sad way of doing business. I finally found mill creek environmental online. They are doing my soil analysis on Monday. Even though I haven't used their services yet I'm very optimistic about them. Connor Fanning has been very professional in his business dealings. Looking forward to being able to give them a great reference.

Pete T. - Project Manager

As a Project Manager for the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA), I hired Mill Creek Environmental to work on a variety of environmental projects. Over the two and a half years that I used Mill Creek, they were always professional, on time and did an outstanding job. The Mill Creek Project Managers communicate very well and always kept me informed. Mill Creek handled everything from Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to install and maintenance of remediation systems for GEFA. I would not hesitate to hire Mill Creek Environmental in the future for environmental projects.”

Tonya B. - Senior Loan Administrator

Thank you so much for getting this to us even ahead of the time we talked about. We will definitely be sending more bid requests in the future when we are in need of an environmental assessment. You have gone above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you,

Jim C.

The Probing Company has worked under subcontract for Mill Creek for several years. The people they employ, and their office managers are well versed and experienced in the different phases of environmental sampling (soil, groundwater and soil gas) and consulting. It's a pleasure to work with and for them!


Marcus S.

You won't find a better group of individuals for all your engineering needs. We have done over 20 engineering projects with Mill Creek in 10 different states and they go above and beyond with phenomenal reports and are quick to get the job done when timelines are tight. I highly recommend.

Lynn R. - Legal Assistant

Thank you so much! You have been a pleasure to work with. Your service, availability and overall attitude and professionalism is impeccable. Thanks again!

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