Soil, Groundwater & Vapor Remediation Services

What are Remediation Services?

Over the past 20 years, Mill Creek Environmental has assisted clients to remediate contamination that has reached the soil, groundwater and cases where vapors have become dangerous to people and/or the environment.

Unfortunately, soil, groundwater and vapor contamination is real, and can occur as a result of the storage and use of hazardous chemicals and petroleum products at industrial facilities, fueling stations, dry cleaners, landfills, and auto repair shops. 

At Mill Creek Environmental, we have developed and deployed remediation solutions that will assist in removing contaminants from these scenarios and ultimately achieve regulatory compliance. Our remediation solutions are tailored to each project based on many factors that include:

  • Danger levels
  • Cost
  • Timing, and;
  • State Regulatory requirements

Our remediation advice and decisions are based on many factors but primarily they are driven by the type and level of contamination. Remediation can be accomplished through chemical treatments, physical treatments and biological treatment technologies such as:

  • Air Sparging (AS)/Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
  • Groundwater Pump and Treat
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Enhanced Bioremediation/Natural Attenuation
  • Soil Stabilization/Treatment and Landfill Disposal

Below are a few pictures of existing remediation sites where MCE designed and deployed the remediation solution. 

Mill Creek Environmental has experienced great success in achieving clean up standards and are proud to regularly receive “No Further Action” required by State Regulatory Agencies. We have achieved this by working closely with our clients and State Regulators, by communicating as often as necessary to keep all parties informed and by investing in the solution that reaches a completion that is satisfactory to all parties.

If you believe that you are in need of an opinion, remediation proposal or just counsel, our professional and experienced team at Mill Creek Environmental are available to answer your questions and concerns. Contact our office today on 706.579.1607 or Contact Us here.

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