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There are countless reasons why an individual may require an environmental consultant. These reasons range from property transactions, commercial property development, environmental liability assessment, groundwater and soil monitoring, remediation, and staying compliant with governing authorities.

Whatever your needs may be, MCE provides numerous environmental services to meet your requirements.

Phase I ESA

Environmental Services

MCE has completed thousands of Phase 1 Site Assessments (ESAs) for commercial real estate transactions, lender financing, owner re-financing, foreclosures, and other audit programs. All our reports follow the ASTM Standard and AAI rule...

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Phase II ESA

Environmental Services

MCE provides quality Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Reports that adhere to the requirements of ASTM Standard Practice 1903-11 and are specifically designed to meet your business purpose...

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UST Removal & Closure

Environmental Services

MCE has been conducting Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removals and Closures for the state and county governments, manufacturers, real estate companies, and the owners and operators of commercial and industrial sites...

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Level 3 Soil Survey & Septic System Design

Environmental Services

MCE has extensive experience in Level 3 Soil Analysis (for residential and commercial real estate transactions) for septic system permits. Our licensed geologists in conjunction with professional engineers can design a septic system...

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Erosion Control & NPDES Stormwater Monitoring

Environmental Services

MCE has assisted a variety of clients including local and municipal governments, utility contractors, real estate developers, custom home builders, and private landowners with all types of planning and permitting related to...

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SPCC & SWPPP Inspection & Certification

Environmental Services

We provide Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans for facilities that are required to have them by the EPA. We adhere to the CWA title 40 CFR part 112 when designing and implementing a SPCC plan...

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Wetlands and Statewaters

Environmental Services

MCE assist individual landowners and developers who are planning a construction project that will alter a wetland, stream, or other water bodies, or who wish to avoid having an impact to those areas and may need assistance...

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Asbestos Inspection & Testing

Environmental Services

MCE will work with you to assess what type of asbestos inspection that is right for your needs. Inspections can range from a quick visual inspection to detailed sampling and testing programs...

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Georgia Brownfields

Environmental Services

MCE is Georgia’s resource to assess the liability of a potential property that once was a brownfield site and has or can been cleaned up for reuse.  There are both monetary and emotional benefits in reclaiming such contaminated properties...

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Environmental Field Service

Environmental Services

MCE has experienced staff to support your projects in the areas of soil sampling, groundwater sampling, drilling, sample collection, surface water sampling, project management, contractor oversight, and many other areas...

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Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Services

MCE offers various inspections for residential and commercial properties including mold investigations, radon gas testing, and stucco inspections. Whether you are testing your current home for possible health hazards...

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Spring Water Evaluation

Environmental Services

The MCE team has evaluated over 2000 springs in the Southeastern US and Canada for possible development as spring water resources for bottled water. The US FDA has established specific regulations...

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Environmental Services

Landfills are a necessity in today’s society and continue to have new compliance regulations for solid waste management. As experienced Landfill Environmental Consultants, MCE is here to help private...

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