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Mill Creek Environmental is headquartered in Georgia and we are the local go-to environmental specialist in the state of Georgia.  We take pride in providing sensible recommendations that solve your unique environmental business needs. Call us: 706-579-1607

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) is one of the leading Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment companies in the Georgia area. As well as Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESA's, MCE offer a huge range of environmental services such as soil surveys, radon surveys, and mold inspections.

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Certifications in the State of Georgia

Georgia Environmental Consultants

We have the necessary education, experience, and certification to do the best job for you in the state of Georgia. Below are some of the licenses and certifications that we have in the State of Georgia:

  • Georgia Licensed Professional Geologist
  • Georgia Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Georgia Certified Soil and Erosion Control Technician
  • Georgia Certified Soil Classifier for Septic Systems
  • Georgia Class 4 Water Operator
  • Georgia GSWCC Level IA & IB Inspector for Land Disturbing Activities
  • Georgia GSWCC Level II ESPCP Plan Reviewer
  • Georgia GSWCC Level II Design Professional
  • Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist (CRIE)

Recent Projects we have done in the state of Georgia

Georgia Underground Storage Tank Information

How do I qualify for the GUST Trust Fund?
In order to qualify for the GUST Trust Fund (GUST) you have to pay a voluntary fee on every gallon of fuel that you sell and keep your UST system in compliance with applicable rules. GUST coverage costs $0.005 per gallon of fuel sold. If you choose not to participate in GUST coverage, you are required to have some other financial assurance mechanism in place to cover clean-up costs if you have a leak. GUST coverage is not transferable to a new owner if you buy a property with a tank system already in place.
What is covered by the GUST Trust Fund?
Reasonable costs to perform investigation tasks (Corrective Action Plans, soil and groundwater sampling, etc.) and clean-up any release is covered. UST removals are not covered under GUST. There is a $10,000 deductible for each release, after that is satisfied GUST will reimburse costs incurred after approval by the Georgia EPD UST Management Program. 

Who handles the reimbursement claims?

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) routinely prepares and submits GUST Applications and claims for reimbursement for UST owners. We can also include the cost of the GUST applications in the reimbursement request. Our accounting procedures and record keeping system comply with the GUST documentation requirements. MCE will work directly with GUST Trust Fund personnel at the Georgia EPD to prepare and submit claims on behalf of the UST owner.
Can the GUST Trust Fund Pay the Consultant Directly?
Yes. If the UST owner can demonstrate that paying for assessment and/or remediation activities will create a financial hardship, then GUST can issue a two-party check and the owner can sign the check over to the consultant for work completed. This two-party check system allows owners to complete the required tasks under the GUST Trust Fund while only having to be responsible for the deductible portion of the clean-up cost.

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