Local Restaurant

Texas Phase I ESA

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) has completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the local restaurant located outside Dallas, Texas. The property consists of over 2-acres and includes one 8,000-square foot frame building with stone walls, asphalt parking lot, and minor landscaped areas along the perimeter. The subject property is currently occupied by a local business and is used as a restaurant. Based on review of historical documents, the subject property was undeveloped land prior to the construction of the existing structure. Surrounding commercial and retail properties including appear to have been first developed in the 1980’s and have shown steady development since that time. The subject property was first developed in 2007 with the existing structure and has been used as a restaurant since that time.

The subject property was identified in the Environmental Database Resources, Inc. (EDR) FINDS database regarding a stormwater permit issued to the subject property at the time of its development in 2007. The permit is listed as “expired” and does not constitute a recognized environmental condition (REC) for the subject property. No adjoining properties were identified during the EDR review. This assessment has revealed no evidence of REC in connection with the subject property. No further site assessment activities are recommended at this time.

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