Tennessee Phase I and Phase II ESA

Tennessee Phase 1 and Phase II ESA

We recently completed a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment at a former paving company construction yard and found that due to improper handling and storage of petroleum products and hazardous materials, it needed a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment. We completed Phase 1 and 2 together and found regulated compounds in groundwater below the property. Based on the discovery of solvents in groundwater, we notified the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation of the release and prepared a report to determine if the contamination would require remediation. The results indicated that no remediation would be required. Based on the results of our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, and subsequent Phase 2 Environmental Assessment, our client purchased some prime real estate knowing that they were not buying a property that would require a costly clean-up due to the past use of petroleum and solvents at the property.

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