Phase 1 ESA Macon, Georgia

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) successfully completed another Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a large restaurant group in Macon, Georgia. The phase Environmental Site Assessment was requested by our client who required the report prior to a potential purchasing agreement. The phase one ESA report was completed in a quicker than normal turnaround time of five business days to meet our client’s needs and environmental due diligence period.

The subject property contains a 2,900 square foot restaurant building with a shed and associated parking lot and driveways in Macon, Georgia. Surrounding areas primarily include commercial and residential properties. The subject property is served by water electric, sanitary sewer, and telecommunication utilities. MCE utilized historical aerial photographs, Sanborn Maps, interview information, and tax documentation to determine if the subject property or surrounding areas contained any potential environmental hazards in the past. Based on historical records, the subject property was vacant prior to 1975 when the current building was constructed, and surrounding areas consisted primarily of farm land and residential properties.

As part of the Phase I ESA we visited the property in Macon, Georgia to inspect the property and determine if any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were present as defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice E1527-13. The subject property contained no visual environmental concerns, and was not identified in any environmental records searched. The only property which MCE found be of potential concern was an up gradient gas station with past leaking underground storage tank (LUST) incidents. LUST incidents can cause contamination of soil, seep into groundwater, and migrate to surrounding areas. To ensure that the past LUST incidents do not pose as a hazard to the subject property, MCE conducted a file review at the Georgia Environmental Protection Division in Atlanta, Georgia. A review of the relevant documents on the gas station determined that due to the groundwater flow direction and sufficiently low contamination levels of soil and groundwater, this adjoining property has a low potential to affect the subject property.

This assessment found no RECs and no further site assessment activities were recommended to our client in the phase one environmental site assessment. The phase 1 ESA report was successfully completed and the buyer was able to complete the property transaction shortly after. We are pleased to have our phase 1 environmental site assessment help our client bring another great restaurant to Macon, Georgia!

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