Pennsylvania Phase I ESA

Pennsylvania Phase I ESA

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) has completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the property outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Property is a 1-acre parcel with three (3) structures, a metal-sided building used as an automotive maintenance shop, a concrete-block drive-thru car wash, and a steel-framed open-sided tent covering an auto-detailing area, that collectively total approximately 5,000-square feet. The automotive maintenance shop is a basic oil change/lube facility. It consists of one main room with three bays for servicing cars. It has a concrete-slab basement with openings under each of the three bays. The drive-thru car wash is one building with a main bay for the cars, a storage area for the cleaning products, and an office/bathroom. The third structure is a steel-framed, open-sided tent that covers an area with vacuums and other detailing equipment. The property was not identified during the review of environmental agency databases. Based on a review of aerial photographs and a city directory abstract, commercial development on the property occurred sometime between 1982 and 1996 and has been used as a car wash and oil change/lube facility since at least 1999.
MCE performed a site reconnaissance visit and identified storage drums and tanks of oil and car wash products. The storage and use of new and used motor oils and automotive maintenance fluids in various tanks, drums, and containers are considered RECs for this property due to a material threat of future release and/or conditions that could have lead to a past release. However all of the storage containers were safely stored, labeled, and located within concrete containment areas. Additionally, the products being stored are typically not very soluble in water and are subject to lenient regulatory clean-up standards.
Based on the results of this Phase I ESA, MCE has concluded that this REC presents a low risk to a potential lender.

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