Historic District

Ohio Phase I ESA

The local Board of Commissioners has authorized Mill Creek Environmental to prepare a report for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  Voluntary Action Program (VAP) and a Phase I Property Assessment (Phase I) Work Plan. The Phase I Work Plan is for the local downtown business district. The goal of a Phase I Property Assessment under the VAP is to conduct an investigation sufficient to determine whether all applicable environmental standards are met or to determine what remedial activities will be required to achieve applicable standards. This will be achieved by conducting evaluations of soil and groundwater at the property along with laboratory analysis by a certified laboratory for chemicals of concern (COCs). The property comprises approximately 20 acres of land and consists of eighty (80) parcels of land. The land use is principally commercial/retail and residential. The majority of the commercial/retail structures as well as a number of the residential structures are abandoned or vacant. Prior to the Properties current observed condition,  the property's first developed use was a stockade settlement which provided protection from the Indians for settlers until 1794. The property primarily consists of shallow silty/clay fill soils underlain by sands and sand and gravel. The depth to groundwater varies based on the stage of the Ohio River, but under normal river conditions, first groundwater is encountered between 35 to 40-feet below ground surface (bgs). Potential findings on the property consist of Asbestos, VOCs, PAHs, TPH, and Metals in both soils and groundwater leading to further investigations with a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

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