Florida Phase II ESA

We recently completed another Phase II Environmental Site Assessment for a former industrial site in Tampa, Florida. A potential purchaser was interested in buying the property to redevelop the land and was concerned that the past industrial activities may have cause contamination of the property. Our scope of work for the Phase II Environmental consisted of drilling using Geoprobe direct push drilling equipment to collect soil and groundwater samples. Once collected, we screened the samples using a photoionization detector to check for the presence of volatile organic vapors. This screening gives us an indication if the soil may be potentially contaminated and allows us to choose which samples to send to the laboratory for chemical analysis. The soils around Tampa, Florida are very sandy with layers of clay. The sandy soils allow more migration of potential contamination and the clay layers tend to restrict migration. The results of the lab sampling indicated that no contamination was present in the samples we collected, so we wrote up the results of our investigation into a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment report, which is also known as a Limited Subsurface Investigation (LSI). The completed Phase II ESA report allowed the interested party to obtain financing from a lender to purchase the property.