Open post Tennessee Phase I and Phase II ESA

Tennessee Phase 1 and Phase II ESA

We recently completed a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment at a former paving company construction yard and found that due to improper handling and storage of petroleum products and hazardous materials, it needed a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment. We completed Phase 1 and 2 together and found regulated compounds in groundwater below the property. Based on...

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Florida Phase II ESA

We recently completed another Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, which is also known as a Limited Subsurface Investigation, for a former industrial site in Tampa, Florida. A potential purchaser was interested in buying the property to redevelop the land and was concerned that the past industrial activities may have contaminated the property. Our scope of...

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Arkansas Phase II ESA

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) performed a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment outside of Little Rock, AR. The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate whether soil and/or groundwater at the subject property has been impacted by recognized environmental conditions (RECs). MCE reviewed a Phase I Environmental Assessment (ESA) of the subject property previously prepared which...

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