Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Visit

Mill Creek Environmental, LLC completed a Phase II Environmental Assessment using a GeoProbe drilling rig in Virginia this past week. The Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was completed for a property where a Phase 1 Environmental Report indicated that the property could be contaminated from a dry cleaner and gas stations that were historically located near the parcel. The Phase 2 Environmental Assessment was completed by drilling with a direct push GeoProbe, and collecting soil and groundwater samples at 30 feet below ground surface. The samples were analyzed by our certified lab and the results included in a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment Report. The Phase II Environmental report will assist the property owner in determining the value of the property prior to a real estate transaction.

The benefits of using the direct push GeoProbe rig over a regular drill rig is that it is smaller, inexpensive, and will not make drill cuttings. This technology allows us to complete the Phase II Environmental Assessment in a much more cost effective manner.

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