Navigating Environmental Risk with Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigations

When it comes to real estate transactions, environmental considerations are paramount to safeguarding investments and ensuring regulatory compliance. Mill Creek Environmental offers top-tier Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services that adhere to the rigorous ASTM Standard Practice 1903-11. These assessments are often referred to as Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigations. Tailored to your specific business needs, MCE’s Phase II assessments provide invaluable insights into potential environmental liabilities associated with commercial, industrial, and government properties in Georgia and across the East Coast. 

What is a Limited Subsurface Investigation?

A Limited Subsurface Investigation (LSI) is a version of a Phase II ESA that focuses on a specific area of concern and is therefore more cost effective than a full Phase II assessment. Customized to align with your business objectives, the scope of a Limited Subsurface Investigation can vary widely. A Phase II is often required for additional field reviews beyond Phase I ESAs, soil and groundwater sampling, soil vapor surveys, and asbestos or lead-based paint surveys. MCE’s approach focuses on tailoring the scope and effort for each property, ensuring precision in assessment.

The Purpose and Need for Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigation:

The primary purpose of a Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigation is to further investigate recognized environmental conditions (RECs) identified during Phase I ESAs. By conducting a Phase II LSI, potential buyers gain comprehensive information on an area of concern so they can make informed decisions regarding their property purchase. This investigation is pivotal in understanding environmental liabilities and their financial implications. MCE excels in delivering insightful assessments that empower your decision-making process.

Determining the Need for a Limited Subsurface Investigation:

A Phase II investigation becomes necessary when a Phase I ESA highlights the presence of a REC. A REC is characterized as:

“the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products in, on, or at a property: (1) due to any release to the environment; (2) under conditions indicative of a release to the environment; or (3) under conditions that pose a material threat of a future release to the environment.”

Various property types warrant Phase II LSIs, including gas stations with underground storage tanks, automotive repair facilities, sites with hazardous chemical usage, current & former Dry Cleaners and properties with historical spills or releases. However, not all situations demand a Phase II ESA; MCE’s expert team discerns when a simpler approach suffices based on property condition and compliance records.

MCE’s Approach and Technological Edge:

At Mill Creek Environmental, quality and efficiency intersect seamlessly. Leveraging Geoprobe direct-push technology, we execute Phase II’s swiftly and cost-effectively, without compromising accuracy. MCE’s commitment to tailored solutions ensures each assessment aligns precisely with your business objectives. Our Phase II ESA Reports exemplify clarity and completeness, offering not only findings but also sensible recommendations.

Our Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigations are designed to provide the insight you need to navigate potential environmental liabilities confidently. Whether you are engaging in property transactions, regulatory compliance, or risk management, MCE’s Phase II LSIs offer a roadmap to informed decision-making, backed by accuracy, efficiency, and top-notch customer service. For more information fill out a form or call us today on 706.579.1607

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