Mold Inspection Services

Mold Inspection Services
Mold on drywall

About Our Mold Inspection Services

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) is offering Mold Inspection Services for consultation and analysis of residential and commercial properties in the North Georgia and Greater Atlanta areas.  Air quality testing is imperative for the safety of your family members and employees, especially with the Georgia humidity in high moisture environments (bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces) that are prime mold growth areas for toxic mold spores.

Why get Mold Inspection?

There are several reasons why you should have professional mold inspection services:

You can visually see mold growth.

You have had a water leak from one of the following:

  • Roof Leak
  • Pipe Burst
  • Basement Flooding
  • You live near a lake, pond, or river
  • You smell a musty odor
  • You have unexplained health problems, fatigue, or sudden allergy and asthma type symptoms
  • You need a pre-inspection for a property sale, included foreclosure properties.
  • If a property has had a Mold issue in the past, but was not removed properly, there could be contamination within the structure and nobody realizes it until you start having health-related issues

Mold and Health:

Mold exposure can lead to various levels of health issues. Common health effects include the following:

  • Most commonly there are allergic reactions to mold that can cause irritants
  • Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes, etc.
  • Mold can also cause asthma attacks
  • Black mold can lead to cold and flu-like symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, headaches, rashes
  • Serious cases can lead to chronic coughing, hair loss, and even cancer

What is a typical mold inspection process?

The inspection process is as follows:

  1. MCE will conduct a history evaluation that includes a short interview with the property owner.
  2. Thorough on-site evaluation including:
    • All water areas in the building/Home
    • Interior inspection
    • Exterior inspection
    • Testing/samples are pulled based on the discovered conditions
    • Samples sent to a certified lab for evaluation
    • Final report provided with Remediation Plan (if necessary)

** Best inspection practices recommend that you do not use the same company to inspect as you do use for mold removal and remediation. If a company provides both inspection and removal services, it creates a potential conflict of interest that may not be in the best interest of the client.

Is Post-Remediation Testing Necessary?

Yes, it is advised that once you have gone through the mold remediation process to have a follow-up mold testing performed. This will ensure that the mold removal has been successful, and the source has been identified & removed.

Why is Black Mold also known as Toxic Mold?

Note that not all physically “black” mold is of the type that has the toxic Mycotoxins that most readers think of and fear from.  However, there are serious health problems that can occur with the infestation and prolonged exposure to toxic black mold. This type of Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) can release spores that grow on common building materials (sub-flooring, carpet, drywall, insulation) and cause several respiratory problems or in severe cases vomiting, nose bleeds, and internal lung bleeding.

Black mold is most commonly found in bathrooms, basements & crawlspaces where the moisture level is higher and tends to carry a musty odor. If you suspect any type of mold in your home or building, it is imperative that you have professional testing performed so appropriate actions can be taken if necessary.

Are your inspectors certified?

Yes, MCE believes “our strength is in our people” and all our inspectors have certifications including:

Certified Indoor Environmentalist

Certified Residential Mold Inspector

Certified Allergen Inspector

NEHA - NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Provider

How do I prevent mold?

Rule of thumb is if you want to prevent mold, you must control the moisture and humidity levels in the home or building. This includes; proper ventilation and insulation of the structure, proper and timely clean-up from water leaks and flooding, and maintaining outside the residence or building (roof gutters, foundation, grading of landscaping).

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Mold Inspection Services
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Mold Inspection Services
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Mold Inspection Services

Mold Inspection Services

Mold Inspection Services

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