Mill Creek Environmental Year in Review 2023

Once again, as we look back to review the year of 2023 on our successes and failures, we remain vigilant to learn and continue to improve. I am happy to report that a significant part of our business in 2023 came from existing clients that are continuing to grow and had confidence that Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) would continue to deliver a client focused and economical solution to their environmental needs. In addition, we met and worked with many new clients in 2023 and I am grateful to report that many of these new clients came as referrals from existing clients, this is truly as good as it gets when it comes to business growth. 

The team at MCE greatly appreciates our diverse and professional client base and the many hours we spend collaborating with them to improve, repair, design and/or consult on the many environmental challenges that face both businesses and homeowners these days. Many of these challenges span weeks, months or even longer and some can be solved within hours or days. It is our commitment to align each service offering with the specific needs of our clients and their environmental challenges.

The year was not without other challenges for us all, rising interest rates fueled increases in almost everything else around us, to include labor, energy, food, and health care. Like most companies, MCE continued to work hard to hold escalating costs to a minimum while at the same time delivering thorough and cost-effective services to our many great clients. 

MCE continues to expand our workforce and skill sets in order to meet the regulatory challenges and to set our sights on achieving 100% client satisfaction as we continue to grow. We understand that these goals are far more than just words or easily achievable milestones. I am proud to say that our mission is clear, and our determination is steadfast, we know that we must earn new business every day with great client services, fast and practical solutions all at an economical cost.  

We are excited about 2024 and the opportunities it will bring to our clients and to MCE. We anxiously look forward to working side by side with our clients to help solve the ever evolving and expanding challenges and regulations that the environmental industry faces with each new year. 

Thank you for a tremendous 2023 and for a promising 2024!

The Mill Creek Environmental Team 

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