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Mill Creek Environmental specializes in solving environmental issues in the Greater Atlanta area. As our corporate headquarters is based in Georgia, we are well versed with Georgia environmental regulations. We perform our due diligence when evaluating each project, then present practical environmental solutions to our clients. We offer the following for your environmental assessment needs for properties located in Atlanta and surrounding areas of Georgia:

  1. Experienced Staff. Our Atlanta / Georgia environmental consultants have years of experience conducting environmental assessments for real estate and corporate purposes. Our senior staff members have over 25-years of experience and are licensed professionals in several fields related to environmental planning for real estate transactions and related tasks.
  2. Environmental Assessment Competitive Cost. Our costs are very competitive. Because we are local, we can keep our expenses and costs low on Atlanta area bids. Feel free to call or e-mail us for a site-specific quote.
  3. Fast Completion. We understand the need to have a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report completed with a short turn around time. We specialize in getting our reports done in a standard 7 days, but can have them completed faster if needed.
  4. Personalized Service. We handle every one of our projects with personalized service. If you call our office during normal business hours you will always get a real person, and typically that person can give you a site specific quote immediately. Our project managers and field staff understand the need for sound communication and have an understanding of the needs of each client and each project before if begins.

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Services We Offer in Atlanta

Atlanta Phase I Site Assessment
We are your Georgia Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) company. We take pride in providing sensible recommendations and as leading Atlanta environmental consultants, we work hard to make sure we represent your environmental business needs.

We can complete your metro Atlanta Phase One ESA for a very competitive cost and have the full Phase 1 ESA report to you in just a couple of days. All Phase I environmental site assessments are directed by Georgia Registered Professional Geologist or Professional Engineer with a minimum of 25-year's experience. Our Phase I environmental reports are prepared in accordance with the ASTM Standard E1527-13 and the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rule.

Mill Creek Environmental has extensive experience in the evaluation of commercial property and different types of Phase I environmental site assessments in the Atlanta area including:

  • Single-site Purchases
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures of Multi-Site Portfolios
  • Business Buyouts and Transfers
  • Brownfield Redevelopments
  • SBA Loan Approvals
  • Corporate Refinancing

We can also advise you on the need for a Phase I ESA report. Many property types may not need a full Phase I report and can satisfy their due diligence requirements with a simple Transaction Screen Assessment.

Atlanta Environmental Consultants

Atlanta Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Mill Creek Environmental offers Phase 2 site assessments across Georgia. Because we are based just outside the city of Atlanta, we feel our Phase II Environmental testing is by far superior with our knowledge and experience of the local area.

In addition to Phase ii esa, we have a vast amount of experience in performing dry cleaning phase two environmental assessments and clean-up recommendations. Our Phase 2 environmental reports are completed in accordance with the ASTM 1903-11 standards.

Georgia Underground Storage Tanks
Do you have an abandoned underground storage tank that you need to have removed?

Mill Creek Environmental is the environmental company for your underground storage tank removal in Georgia. We test, monitor, and remove hundreds of storage tanks a year in the state of Georgia. Our environmental team is highly recommended in the Atlanta area for their high rate of “no further action required” status received for our clients from the Georgia EPD.
Furthermore, Mill Creek Environmental helps their clients apply for the GUST trust fund. We create corrective action plans, perform soil and groundwater sampling, generate appropriate test reports, complete the GUST application, and work directly with the Georgia EPD through the submittal process on behalf of the UST responsible party.

Atlanta Environmental Consultants

Georgia Erosion Control
North Georgia’s mountainous terrain or South Georgia’s wetlands are no problem for Mill Creek Environmental to design alternative BMP’s in your erosion control plan, meet inspection standards, and obtain compliance certificates.

Our environmental team consists of Georgia Registered Professional Engineers, Georgia Registered Professional Geologists, Certified Level II Design Professionals, Certified Level II Plan Reviewers, and Certified Level 1A and 1B Inspectors that assist Atlanta property owners and contractors to meet the LDA and NPDES requirements.

Georgia Level 3 & 4 Soil Analysis
Mill Creek Environmental performs a large number of Level 3 & 4 soil analysis across the State of Georgia for both residential and commercial property transactions.  Our associates have completed many commercial and residential septic system designs for properties with poor soil, steep grades, and high water tables.  Like with the erosion control plans, our experience and knowledge make difficult Georgia soils and terrains a non-issue when designing successful solutions to septic systems.  In addition we are experienced in completing soil classification and testing for Georgia Land Application Systems (LAS) for our clients.

Georgia Brownfield
Georgia EPD offers many incentives to buyers of brownfield sites for redevelopment use. Mill Creek Environmental associates supports such land purchases by assisting in researching potential sites, compiling Prospective Purchaser Corrective Action Plan (PPCAP) or Prospective Purchaser Compliance Status Report (PPCSR), completing grant applications and following them through the approval process, manage the property clean-up, and acquire EDP approval. The Georgia Brownfield program allows potential buyers to invest in prime commercial property at a great deal for the purchaser!

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plans (SPCC)

Mill Creek Environmental  provides Atlanta and surrounding areas with  Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans for facilities that are required to have them by the EPA. Services include designing and implementing a SPCC plan. The purpose of the SPCC plan is to help facilities prevent a discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. The rule is part of the U.S. EPA oil spill prevention program and was published under the Clean Water Act and must be updated every 5 years.

Atlanta Environmental Consultants

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan is a document that is designed to identify sources of potential surface water pollutants that may be concentrated by surface run-off and are present on an impervious surface at an industrial facility. We develop plans for Georgia businesses for processes and physical controls to mitigate or contain those sources, and establish inspection protocols to ensure that those controls are implemented.  Example facilities that are required to have a SWPPP are petroleum refineries, mills, chemical manufacturer, mines, landfills and dump sites, hazardous waste stockpiling and treatment facilities.

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System is a required permit if pollutants are discharged through a point source into the water table.  The permit will limit what you can discharge, and determine monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure the materials released does not harm the water quality. Mill Creek Environmental can help Atlanta companies identify the need for the permit, establish a system, apply for a permit, implementation of the plan, and help with ongoing monitoring of the discharge.

Mold Inspection, Radon Gas Inspection, Stucco and Stone Inspection

Looking to purchase a new home or office?  Make sure you don't have any hidden issues- have an inspection done for mold, radon, and the integrity of any stucco and stone work prior to the closing.  Mill Creek Environmental offers top Atlanta inspections with quality analysis of the property.

Feel free to call us at 706-579-1607 and we will advise you on your site specific business needs.

Certifications in the State of Georgia

Atlanta Environmental Consultants

We have the necessary education, experience, and certification to do the best job for you in the state of Georgia. Below are some of the licenses and certifications that we have in the State of Georgia:

  • Georgia Licensed Professional Geologist
  • Georgia Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Georgia Certified Soil and Erosion Control Technician
  • Georgia Certified Soil Classifier for Septic Systems
  • Georgia Class 4 Water Operator
  • Georgia GSWCC Level IA & IB Inspector for Land Disturbing Activities
  • Georgia GSWCC Level II ESPCP Plan Reviewer
  • Georgia GSWCC Level II Design Professional
  • Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist  (CRIE Certification)

Recent Projects we have done in Atlanta

Georgia Underground Storage Tank Information

How do I qualify for the GUST Trust Fund?
In order to qualify for the GUST Trust Fund (GUST) you have to pay a voluntary fee on every gallon of fuel that you sell and keep your UST system in compliance with applicable rules. GUST coverage costs $0.005 per gallon of fuel sold. If you choose not to participate in GUST coverage, you are required to have some other financial assurance mechanism in place to cover clean-up costs if you have a leak. GUST coverage is not transferable to a new owner if you buy a property with a tank system already in place.
What is covered by the GUST Trust Fund?
Reasonable costs to perform investigation tasks (Corrective Action Plans, soil and groundwater sampling, etc.) and clean-up any release is covered. UST removals are not covered under GUST. There is a $10,000 deductible for each release, after that is satisfied GUST will reimburse costs incurred after approval by the Georgia EPD UST Management Program. 

Who handles the reimbursement claims?

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) routinely prepares and submits GUST Applications and claims for reimbursement for UST owners. We can also include the cost of the GUST applications in the reimbursement request. Our accounting procedures and record keeping system comply with the GUST documentation requirements. MCE will work directly with GUST Trust Fund personnel at the Georgia EPD to prepare and submit claims on behalf of the UST owner.
Can the GUST Trust Fund Pay the Consultant Directly?
Yes. If the UST owner can demonstrate that paying for assessment and/or remediation activities will create a financial hardship, then GUST can issue a two-party check and the owner can sign the check over to the consultant for work completed. This two-party check system allows owners to complete the required tasks under the GUST Trust Fund while only having to be responsible for the deductible portion of the clean-up cost.

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