Mill Creek Environmental: Our Year in Review, 2022

It’s that time again where we take a look back on 2022 and all that happened for us this past year. In 2022 we began to feel some sense of normality as the Coronavirus Pandemic started to settle down a little bit more, and we were back in full swing to kickstart the year.

“We remain optimistic, optimistic that 2022 will be a better year for health and for our country and for all of those we touch and work with.”

This was our ending statement for the 2021 year, and I believe we would all agree that 2022 was better than 2021 in many ways, health being a primary one. 

Mill Creek Environmental (MCE), like so many other companies, worked hard to find a balance between the wild swings in business demands and the shortages of inventory in supplies and people resources. 

2022 also challenged us with rising fuel and vehicle cost, another critical expense in operating our business. The entire nation felt this major cost driver, and many were increasing prices on goods and services to off-set this pain. We are very proud to say that we resisted the easy posture of “just passing this added cost on”, but rather we implemented cost saving measures internally to ease the burden of passing along significant price hikes in our services. 

We were fortunate in so many ways, first we were able to on-board several new employees that came into MCE with a great desire to learn our business and clients. We also hired a few “seasoned” employees that are helping to manage and lead our organization in a positive direction every day. The impact of these new team members has made a tremendous difference in our growth and client responsiveness. 

Our team works hard all year round, so we like to plan team building events during the year to make sure we are spending some time together and building our team relationships. In February MCE and all employees participated in a food drive for a local non-profit organization. In July we did a team trivia contest, mixing environmental topics and social topics to have a “spirited contest” and many group laughs. In October we had a Halloween cook-off, where each person made a dish, whether that was an appetizer, main course or dessert. We all taste tested each dish, then we voted and crowned our winner. 

To wrap up the year, we all came together for our annual Christmas party. It is a tradition for all first-year employees to sing a Christmas Carol to all the other employees. It is a great source of holiday entertainment and gets everyone into the festive spirit and excited for Christmas and the New Year! As well as, motivating us to enter 2023 with a great sense of team spirit! 

Finally, we enter 2023 excited about the new opportunities that await. Opportunities such as doing more business with our long list of outstanding repeat clients. We are told that they continue using MCE because we care about their environmental challenges and work diligently so our clients receive their desired outcomes. We are good listeners and then doers, we are people of our word, and our clients deserve nothing less than that! 

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