MCE Year In Review 2021

Like all businesses, we too were optimistic that the year 2021 was going to be a fresh start. A year without the challenges of dealing with a worldwide pandemic, much less a local one. Well as it turned out, the powers that be had something different in store for us all. Again, we faced the challenges of significant illness, closed businesses & schools, restricted travel and inventory shortages of just about every item necessary to run your business or even household.

It was through great patience and perseverance that Mill Creek Environmental (MCE) not only survived this year but also managed to flourish. Our employees worked through difficult circumstances not seen outside a pandemic, but this didn’t discourage or derail our efforts and effectiveness to deliver exceptional and timely service to our clients. 

We continue to be thankful for our extraordinary employees who are committed to the work they do and for whom they do it for. We are thankful for such fabulous clients, who were understanding and patient as we worked feverishly to provide them with their environmental consulting needs that seemed to be escalating in complexity and demand. 

As this year rolls to a close, we at MCE count our blessings for living in a country where freedom is paramount and people are encouraged to participate, regardless of their opinions. It is not to say that we didn’t encounter some difficult moments, because we most certainly did regardless of opinions.  But what has managed to be the difference-maker in this country for the past 244 years remains strong and alive. It is our ability to find common ground and good for all. We remain optimistic. Optimistic that 2022 will be a better year for health and for our country and for all of those we touch and work with.  

We wish all of you a very happy holiday season and look most forward to working with you again in 2022. 

With Warmest Regards 

The Mill Creek Environmental Team

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