Frequently Asked Questions: Wetland Delineation

How is Wetland Delineation done?

Wetland boundaries are established by physically walking the property, visually observing the biological species present and physically sampling the soils.

Why is a Wetland Delineation Important?

Wetlands are vitally important to our ecosystem and are protected by the Army Corp of Engineers. Before any land disturbance activity begins it is important to establish what (if any) may be protected wetlands so as not to disturb them, at least not without a permit.

How long does a wetland delineation report last?

A wetland delineation and report last five years from insurance.

What are the three specific criteria of a wetland?

The presence of water, soils indicative of normal flooding occurrences and vegetation suited for wet saturated soils. 

Are wetlands buildable?

Providing the wetland is NOT considered jurisdictional you may be able to get a permit to build. Keep in mind that the process is not simple and wetlands are not ideal for buildings or structures by nature.

Can you add dirt to wetlands?

As a general rule, the answer is always NO. Again, nothing can be done to a wetland without expert advice and in most cases receiving a permit. 

Choosing Mill Creek for your Wetland Delineation 

With years of knowledge and experience, Mill Creek can help you identify sensitive areas and avoid costly mistakes. 

Take a look at our wetland delineation and state water identification page for a more in-depth overview of this service we provide. For any further questions regarding wetland delineation, contact 706 579 1607.

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