Frequently Asked Questions: Underground Storage Tanks

How do I know if it is time to replace my Underground Storage Tank?

There are several general reasons to consider replacing an Underground Storage Tank (UST) including:

  • UST Failures – A UST must be closed or replaced due to a leak that cannot be repaired. State regulations may not allow repairs to USTs and may require replacement.
  • Regulations – State regulations and guidelines may require the closure or replacement of a UST based on construction or installation date (age).
  • Business Interest If a larger UST is required or a UST must be moved due to a business decision, state regulations may require closure of the existing UST.
  • Insurance – After a UST reaches a certain age it may become too expensive to insure or insurance is not available and closure or replacement is required.
  • Compatibility – A UST must be replaced if the product stored in the UST is changed and the UST is incompatible with the new product.  

What is the EPA and state-level regulatory authority required steps to close a UST?

There are federal and state regulations and guidelines that must be followed to close an Underground Storage Tank system including, but not limited to, advanced notification to the state regulatory authority, closure and removal of the UST system, soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analysis, and preparation of a UST closure report in the required format. Typically, the work must be completed under the direction of a qualified and licensed professional.

Can I not use my Underground Storage Tanks and leave them in the ground?

State regulations and guidelines provide time limits for taking a UST out of service before the UST must be closed or replaced.

How can I get a cost estimate to have my USTs removed and closed?

Underground Storage Tank installation and removal contractors are licensed, and state regulations and guidelines have testing and reporting requirements for closing a UST system under the direction of a qualified and licensed professional. An environmental engineering company can provide a scope of work, cost estimate, and schedule for closing an Underground Storage Tank system.

Is it better to leave my USTs in the ground and fill them with foam rather than having them removed?

State regulations and guidelines may only allow UST closure in place under certain conditions.

What does a “proper closure” of my Underground Storage Tanks really mean?

Proper UST closure means closure in accordance with state regulations and guidelines. Typically, USTs, product transfer lines, vent lines and dispensers are closed and removed from the ground when a UST system is closed.

Do I need to remove the fill ports too if I am having my Underground Storage Tanks removed?

Typically, fill ports are located over a UST and are removed when a UST is removed. If a fill port is in a remote location, the product fill/transfer line must be drained and capped and/or filled with an inert material.

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