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Troubleshooting Tips Guide for Your Home 2020

Performing a few simple tasks on your home can prevent costly repairs down the road. We recommend using the following tips to troubleshoot any potential issue. Mill Creek Environmental offers various inspections for residential, as well as commercial properties, including mold investigation, radon gas testing, asbestos, lead paint, and stucco inspection. Whether you are testing…
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Phase I ESA Report on Macon’s Newest Restaurant

A restaurant group was looking to purchase a 1975 building for it's newest location in Macon, Georgia. Before the property transaction could be completed, a Phase I WSA needed to be completed and clear the property for all recognized environmental condition, also know as a REC.  Click here for the detailed case study!
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Mill Creek Environmental Thanks Jake Irwin for 16 Great Years

Our warmest congratulations to Jake Irwin and his sixteenth anniversary of joining Mill Creek Environmental. We sincerely thank you for the years of reliable service you have given in helping us become the company we are today.  Not only did you effectively manage the risks that come up during the operations of our business but…
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