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The Importance of Environmental Due Diligence for Property Transactions

In our previous Due Diligence blog post, we discussed the concept of environmental due diligence and its significance in property transactions. Today, we would like to delve deeper into this topic and emphasize why conducting environmental due diligence is crucial before finalizing any property deal. At Mill Creek Environmental, we understand the potential risks and...

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Land Development Activities

What is “Land Development Activities”? Land development activities tend to refer to the process of transforming raw land into a usable and functional section of land which is then ready for property development, whether that be industrial, commercial or residential. This process involves a variety of activities including site planning, design, engineering, construction, and project...

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Environmental Consultants: When do you need one?

There are numerous reasons why you may require an environmental consultant. These reasons range from commercial property transactions, property development services, environmental liability assessments, groundwater and soil monitoring, remediation, indoor air quality concerns and staying compliant with the many governing regulations and authorities. Below we explore why you may need an environmental consultant as well...

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