Key MCE Personnel

Rich Fanning
Rich Fanning has over 35 years experience in supply chain & logistics, hazardous waste handling, and executive management. Mr. Fanning leads the Mill Creek Environmental team with quality and customer service as the priority of each project.
Dan Centofanti, PG
Vice President
Dan Cenofanti is a licensed Professional Geologist in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi and serves as MCE’s Technical Director. He brings over 25 years in the industry directing environmental site investigations and remediation actions for difficult projects including petroleum facilities, hazardous waste handling, waste disposals sites, and many more.
Jake Irwin
Operations Manager
Jake Irwin serves as the team’s quarter back. In the role of the Operations Manager, he utilizes his 18+ years of industry experience to plan, staff, and implement project action plans as well as associate training and development. Mr. Irwin stays on the forefront of trends and new technologies in the environmental industry.
Stephen Johnson, PG
Senior Project Manager
Stephen is a licensed Professional Geologist in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. He has more than 25 years of work experience as a geologist/hydrogeologist and manager with environmental consulting and water resource companies in the southeastern United States, Australia and Canada.
Amy Jo Robertson, PG
Professional Geologist
Amy Jo Robertson is a Professional Geologist with over 10 years of experience as an environmental consultant and project lead. Mrs. Robertson specialized in underground storage tank compliance and corrective action plans, site assessments, long-term groundwater monitoring analysis, and NAPL recovery.
Connor Fanning
Home Services Manager
Connor Fanning is a Certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist and a Certified EIFS Inspector. Connor’s team specializes in home & building Cladding systems and Indoor Air Quality. Bringing 10 years of management experience in customer service and knowledge in service organizations, Connor serves as MCE’s Home Service Manager.
Kerry Benson
Project Biologist
Kerry Benson is a project biologist that has a range of expertise including NPDES permits, soil analysis, stream restoration and stabilizations, wetland delineations, storm water monitoring (SPCCC), ground and water sampling. Mr. Benson brings his geological and ecological knowledge to Mill Creek Environmental projects.
Ryan Phillippie
Project Geologist
Ryan Phillippie serves as a staff geologist that specializes in project management, phase I environmental site assessments, and level 3 soil surveys. Mr. Phillippie brings experience in ground water and run off sampling testing for multiple minerals including sulfates, iron, and copper utilizing a spectrophotometer.
Blake Greeson
Project Geologist
Blake Gresson is a Project Geologist at Mill Creek Environmental . Mr. Gresson has recently done a field study in Colorado of mapping and studying the deformational history of Paleozoic and Mesozoic strata. He specializes in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Level 3 Soil Surveys.
Jahna Kerr, REM, CESCO
Senior Environmental Scientist
Jahna has more than 19 years of experience in environmental due diligence, solid waste landfill assessments and monitoring, as well as underground storage tank facility assessments, monitoring, and closures. Jahna specializes in Phase I ESAs, TSAs, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Corrective Action Plans – Part A and Part B, Groundwater Monitoring Plans (MOPs) and Methane Monitoring Reports (MMPs) for various private and public sector clients.
Dylan Wilbanks
Environmental Scientist
Dylan’s background in comparing and relating multiple components within watershed systems as well as creating and managing geo-databases allows a unique insight to his projects. Responsibilities include groundwater remediation/sampling projects, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Level Three Soil Surveys, Asbestos Inspections, and home services.
Jessica Joyner
Environmental Scientist
Jessica is one of MCE’s Environmental Scientist. Her background is working with an environmental calibration lab and working with the Department of Natural Resources. Jessica’s responsibilities include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), groundwater monitoring, methane monitoring, data analysis, and reporting.
Mariella Monteleone
Staff Environmental Scientist
Mariella Monteleone is a staff environmental scientist with a focus of Phase I ESA, data analysis, and reporting. Mrs. Monteleone has a background in quantitative research methods, waste water treatment site monitoring and ICP/ICPMS and mercury analysis.
Cheri Kimbrell
Office Manager
Cheri Kimbrell is Mill Creek Environmental’s office manager and is tasked with keeping the team organized as well as accounting and human resource duties. In addition, Ms. Kimbrell assist in field work and as an Asbestos Building Inspector she performs many asbestos surveys.
Jyl Gryder
Jyl Gryder overseas the marketing as well as business development for Mill Creek Environmental. With a background in multi-channel marketing and industry analysis she brings over 15 years of insight and big-picture focus in the growth of MCE.